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Home Cooked Food, Dehydrated food

Welcome to The DryLicious

Dehydrated Food Products with Home-Cooked Flavors

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“Preserve the Goodness, Savour the Flavour”

Various Indian Spices

What we do?

"At DryLicious, we excel in the art of dehydrating(freeze drying) home-cooked meals, enhancing their shelf life while retaining their authentic flavours and vital nutrients. Our exquisite range of products caters to students studying abroad, outdoor enthusiasts embarking on camping or hiking expeditions, as well as those prioritizing emergency preparedness. Explore our selection by clicking on the shop now button."

Results after rehydrating food

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Why Us ?

  • Preservative free

  • Wholesome + Flavourful

  • German Technology Equipments

  • Pick and Drop facility

  • Increased Shelf life

  • Vegetarian Food

  • Personalized services

  • Hygienically prepared

  • Travel Friendly packaging

  • Cost effective

  • Most importantly its your Mom's love

Freezen Dried Food,Home cooked ready to eat meal, Delhi NCR Foodies

The DryLicious - Ready to Eat Meal

Our curated home cooked ready to eat delicacies provide a convenient and healthy option for  students,  travellers and  people on the go. 

"Ghar ka" - Ready to Eat Meal

Your vegetarian home cooked food and our dehydration process is the perfect way to preserve your favourite cooked meal. 


Our Services

Custom Dehydration


We preserve fruits and vegetables using our dehydration process, locking all the flavors, nutrition, taste,  colors and texture.

We went for a holiday trip to Norway, being a vegetarian we had a lot of tension about the food there. Then we came across The DryLicious food packets which provided us with delicious home cooked food.
Just add the prescribed quantity of hot water and your low oil delicious meal is ready to eat.
Now we can enjoy our vacations with awesome home cooked food.
Surabhi Pandey
Educator and Author, Delhi

Happy Customers

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