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  • What is Dehydration of food ?
    Food dehydration is a process of reducing  moisture  from food while maintaining the food quality.
  • Does food dehydration process result in nutrient loss?
    Dehydration maintains essential fatty acids , minerals, enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants. This food also maintains its nutrients for much longer than their fresh counterparts. ( ).
  • How does the dehydrated food tastes on rehydration?
    Rehydrated food retains its original characteristics – nutrients, colour, form, taste, flavour, texture and hence makes it ideal for ready to eat. The rehydrated food is often indistinguishable from the original product.
  • How long it takes to rehydrate the food ?
    Specific instructions regarding how to rehydrate the food is provided on the food packet. However, it takes less than 15 minutes to rehydrate depending on the density of the food.
  • What is the Shelf life of Dehydrated food ?
    The shelf life of the food is 6 months
  • What meals can be freeze dried ?
    Any food item with water content
  • Do you add preservatives in the hydrated food?
    No chemical or preservatives are added to the food in the process.
  • Which Geographical area are you covering?
    We are catering only Delhi NCR at present.
  • I do not reside in Delhi / NCR , how can I still deliver the home cooked food delivered for dehydration ?
    The 2 options could be you can enjoy our, hygienically prepared home cooked ready to eat meals (prepared as per your preferences) OR you can ask your relatives living in Delhi NCR to prepare and deliver the food to The DryLicious for dehydration.
  • Is there a specific manner of preparing food for freeze drying ?
    Yes, please contact us before preparing the food not just for booking of slots but also guidance on how to prepare the food. An expert nutrition will guide you in the matter depending on the food.
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